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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Official Beta Tester Jenn Wolfesparreaux -WhiteHawk-Female/United States Groups :icontheoperativecomic: TheOperativeComic
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I am Legolas, Son of Thranduil, and this is my kingdom

Welcome :3

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{Commission} - Jenn Journal Doll by LeoKatana
:icontwigking: -Ada's page

Jenn (Stop Sign)Legolas by EckmiFemaleLegolas by EckmiSingle/"Lone wolf"Legolas by EckmiStraightLegolas by Eckmi16Legolas by Eckmi Digital artist

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Dem peeps ^ ^

Known Associates

Alternate profile Horserer

Commission: CaptainTox by copheecup

In Real Life Family:
:iconsteelersfootballx6: -Bro/gus
:iconmartianham: -Ms. Yoda/senpai/road rage
:icondragonchild14:- Pet squirrel/shishi
:iconfolieadeuxruinedme:- stalker/elliot
:iconbalthazar23: - pyromaniac/baconhut/sokka
:iconnathanthewizard:- wizard
:iconearthlord226: Cephus or something?????
:icontwigking: -FATHER/thranduil/ada
:iconblazewolf137:- Sister
:iconscourgelover14:- Sister
More people….
:iconcapukat::iconwhiluna::iconninjakato::iconshadowdhusky::iconnethythedragon::iconkarlamon::iconwolfstar777: :iconaiyana-kopa: :iconxylothor: :iconzanterxt: :iconwolfkodi::iconduskythewusky::iconskulblakashurtugal: :iconoha: :iconmorteneng21: :iconjordanmireldis::iconmightybalto1925::iconspiritheart19: :iconnattikay: :iconthe-nutkase: :iconexorcistvoid: :iconzivera: :iconalphawolfkodijr: :icondasharedprint: :iconholidaypup: :iconkatrionatalnae:
Artistic inspirations:
:iconcoyotemange::iconninjakato::iconakreon::iconlhuin: :iconbalaa: :iconazzai::iconcapukat: :iconinnali::iconwolfkodi::iconwhiteliolynx::iconoha: :iconevana::iconkatanimate::iconthe-nutkase: :icontamberella: :iconstarcanis: :icongabbi: :iconviria13: :iconvixiearts: :iconskailla: :iconochanotsuki: :icongrypwolf: :icontazihound: :iconcyphervisor::iconsinoaxu: :icontatchit: :iconsilverdeni: :iconwhiluna: :icontastycoffee: :iconmangakasan: :iconkhalliys: :iconpowl96: :iconvengefulspirits: :iconanti-dark-heart: :iconakeli: :iconhlaorith: :iconvesner::icondaesiy: :iconlupacor: :iconlisatoms: :iconwormsandbones: :iconartgerm: :iconwhitespiritwolf: :iconmooki003: :iconrajewel: :iconbearlyfeline: :iconshadow-wolf: :iconwielderofthewind: :icontazihound: :icondeyvarah: :iconferal-workshop: :iconrogueliger: :icongato-iberico::iconthe-ez::iconlehanan:
People who I am truly honored to be watched by:
:iconninjakato: :iconcapukat: :iconwhitespiritwolf: :icongrypwolf: :iconinnali: :iconwolfkodi: :iconwhiluna: :iconmoonsongwolf: :iconthe-nutkase: :iconcallykitty: :iconkohu-arts: :iconsheltiewolf: :iconaiyana-kopa: :iconxpantherartx: :iconlew-lapingris: :icondeyanel: :iconwaltwoor: :icontaravia: :iconhlaorith: :iconsuzamuri: :iconmaplespyder: :iconmistrel-fox: :iconwindwo1f: :iconatroquine: :iconmaquenda: :icontazihound: :icondetectiverj: :iconanti-dark-heart: :iconheyriel: :iconcobravenom:

Improvised to-do list


Whiluna plush commission - 60% complete
Comic collab with ShadowDHusky

"you and what army?"
"this army"

Finish Maelstrom
make an OR species gryphon named Nazrin
Make a ref for Jae
Make a ref for Liam
Make a ref for ferret archer
Make a ref for gryphon species
Make a ref for weretaur species
Make a ref for dragon concept
design shadows
work on the operative
do random drawings
finish wolf painting

Xenochicks waiting list for korra drawing


Ask me anything 

6 deviants said What are you guys interested in about me?
4 deviants said It can be art
4 deviants said my methods of drawings
3 deviants said tutorials
2 deviants said my fandoms
1 deviant said my opinions
1 deviant said my personal life (I don't really have one xD)

The Start of a Much-needed FAQ/Everything List :D (wip)

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BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design
What programs do you draw with?
Paint Tool Sai User  STAMP by DrayuuPhotoshop User  STAMP by DrayuuSketchbook pro User STAMP by Drayuu
Do you use a tablet?
Tablet User STAMP by Drayuu

What kind of tablet do you use?
Wacom Bamboo.
How long have you been drawing?
About 13-14 years, but I started drawing seriously in November of 2011.
Are you self-taught?
Yes, for the most part.
What are your brush settings for lineart?
Do you take requests?
Nope. You can commission me, however.
Do you do Art Trades/Collabs/Commissions/Kiribans?
I Only do Art Trades with friends, and people who I ask. Sometimes I open slots, but rarely. I don't have much time to do art without payment, sorry.

I normally only do collabs with people I ask/Friends/People on my skill level, sometimes I open them, but rarely.

I do do commissions. I normally only open them when I need the money. Slots are opened in journals from time to time. However, most of my commission requests come via note. If you catch me at a slow time with light work, then I'll gladly do a commission for you. My pricelist is at the top of this widget.

I do kiribans on rare occasion.

Who are your favorite deviantART artists?
I have a ton of inspirations on DeviantART, but the main people who give me inspiration are NinjaKato, akreon, vesner, Capukat, Whiluna, Tazihound, BearlyFeline, TamberElla, Artgerm, and sakimichan

Any other artists who give you inspiration?
I absolutely love a variety of animators and conceptual artists, but my two favorites are Allen Lee, and John Howe.

What inspires you to draw?
Mostly movies, music and tv. My favorite fandoms inspire me every day. In addition to that, nature, animals, weapons, fighting and mythology.

Have a favorite character from fiction?
Legolas :heart:

Marvel or DC?
I used to be really into marvel, but recently I've found I just love the stories and characters of DC, so possibly DC. Though I also still love marvel.

Religion/political views?
I am a devoted Christian, and a respectful conservative ;)

Things of interest

<img src="


This box sums up my life :3

Movies: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The hobbit: an unexpected journey, The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. Pirates of the Caribbean 1-4. The Avengers. Iron Man. Iron Man 2. Iron Man 3. Thor. Captain America: The first avenger. The Bourne Identity. The Bourne Supremacy. The Bourne Ultimatum. The Bourne Legacy. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Taken. Taken 2. Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Batman Begins. The Dark Knight. The Dark Knight Rises. Oceans Eleven, Oceans Twelve, Oceans Thirteen, Now you see me. The Matrix. How to train your dragon. Inception.

TV shows: Burn Notice. Arrow. 24. Pysch. Bones. Avatar: The Last Airbender. Avatar: The Legend of Korra. Person of Interest. Elementary. White Collar. Babylon 5. Sherlock. Dragons: Riders of Berk. Young Justice. Once Upon a Time.

Books: Lord of the rings, The Hobbit, The chronicles of Narnia, Sherlock Holmes, The call of the wild, white fang.

Operating System:Windows 7 home premium.

Tablet:Wacom Bamboo pen and touch.

Program(s):Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop CS5.

Video editing programs:Sony Vegas Pro, Movie Maker.

Machine:HP Pavilion dv7.

Rock on, Peeps.


WElcome to my kingdom

 photo tumblr_mg2u4ogQd21s297quo1_500_zpsf04ada15.gif photo tumblr_n5sxv3kzy71sigpo8o1_500_zps690b5467.gif
 photo tumblr_n5stzoQoyF1tx6jwqo1_250_zps59712a57.gif photo tumblr_m7nehjGD7b1r7ej86_zps375e3a12.gif photo tumblr_lthp8wDviD1qk22cno1_500_zps647c2d59.gif photo tumblr_mka1568r7T1re3c2eo3_500_zps862ec0d0.gif photo tumblr_n64skl16Q91tonqago1_500_zps53428fb2.gif photo tumblr_n6elh2WFmZ1sq482oo1_500_zps8f7069a6.gif
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Read this Hawk!

Wraith is the stealthy assassin. She’s an alien Monster who warps around the battlefield, ripping into her enemies with her blade-claws. She can hit – then run – before you even see her coming.

Being the only classified female (likely due to a lack of sexual dimorphism in the species), the Wraith is the most unearthly looking of all currently known monsters. The creature's body features a vaguely feminine torso, has no visible eyes, four arms (scythes for the upper pair and claws for the lower pair), and three tendril-like legs. This bizarre morphology is coupled by a matching set of unfathomable powers. Instead of feeding directly, the Wraith flays its fallen prey violently using psychic energy and 'drinks' them. This parallels with the feeding habits of the common house-fly. When 'drinking' its prey, its forehead will glow.

The Wraith has considerably less health and armor than other monsters but it compensates with extraordinary agility, able to teleport across the map, create decoys, abduct hunters and use impossibly fast attacks.

Picture ->…

The Wraith moves around by floating just above the ground in a serpentine motion, making very little noise. It only touches the ground when it crouches to stalk her prey. It can climb walls quickly with the help of its scythes.

Pressing the jump button will cause Wraith to quickly dash in the direction it is moving, making it a very swift opponent. This however leaves a trail of white particles, giving the hunters a chance to keep track of its movements. It also disables the personal cloak gained by the Decoy ability.



Wraith will teleport to a target, grab it and teleport back to the initial position with it while doing damage. It is excellent for separating a hunter from the rest of the team and quickly execute it with minimal distraction.

Warp Blast

Allows Wraith to travel, almost instantly, to the targeted position and create a small explosion wherever it lands. This deals damage to everything around the blast and will knocks targets back.


The Wraith creates a decoy as a diversion, while becoming invisible. The decoy will attack wildlife and hunters but disappears after a certain amount of time or being hit multiple times by hunters. The decoy moves in the direction Wraith is facing when activated, and leaves a barely visible trail of dust in it's wake, giving hunters a hint of it's false nature. A very versatile ability as it can be used for both escaping and attacking. Warping will disable the decoy, leaving you visible to hunters and wildlife.


The Wraith cages itself and any hunters caught in the radius inside a small arena while also buffing herself with a lethal combination of extra damage and attack speed, effectively transforming into a furious storm of attacks. The supernova grants the same perks to the decoy, allowing for Wraith and her decoy to attack simultaneously for devastating results. Leaving the small arena will rid you of your ability, and the arena will disappear.

Wraith Hunting 

Wraith changes the rules for the hunters.


  • The Wraith is glimpsed in the Evacuation trailer for Evolve, teleporting to and then uppercutting Hyde. Another part of the video shows what looks like the Wraith in a test chamber, which is actually part of the Wraith Trap map.
  • Official descriptions often label Wraith as female. This is due to the inspiration the developers drew from creatures like mermaids and sirens. This can be seen in the general outline of Wraith, which has a vague hourglass torso
  • The Wraith is the only Monster to have its own map.
  • Despite the Wraith's strange morphology and stealthy nature, it still leaves tracks behind.
  • The Wraith's head will glow red under certain circumstances.
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OMG I love you!You love psych  AND lord of the rings! *hugs*
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